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This blog features recent news, Pet Imagery Session favorites, related pet photography tips, and anything else that Lauren feels up to sharing! ENJOY :) 

New Dog Photography: Bella, American Bulldog; Philadelphia, PA

Hope you’re having a nice start to your week, folks! I’ve got a gorgeous gal to showcase today! Her smile is going to bring joy to your life immediately! Barely two minutes into meeting this sweet senior, Bella and I were besties! We met at her homestead which also happens to be a very well known and established funeral home! Bella has a giant outdoor space where she can sit in the sun all day and just be her fabulous self! That is exactly what we did during our time together! In just a couple weeks, Bella is going to be 13 years old! Aside from a few nagging health issues, she is embracing the aging process with stamina and grace! I was really impressed with her energy during the session. She was loving all the camera time but I think her favorite moments were together with her mom. These two instantly connected when they first met and that bond has only gotten stronger as each day passes. I just loved seeing them interacting and communicating with love and affection. Warms my heart! Here are a few highlights! ENJOY!

For all you cat lovers, get excited for my showcase of Miss Kitty later this week! Have a great day!

Lauren 🙂

New Dog Photography: LuLu and Samuel, Goldendoodles; Yardley, PA

Hey, Hi and HELLO! Thanks for popping over to view my most recent session favorites! Omg what a fun duo these two! This session was a few years in the making and I’m so glad we were able to have a magical day together. Samuel (lighter coat) and LuLu (darker) got to show off all their favorite things to do in their awesome and giant backyard. They also loved posing together and just being their goofy, sweet selves. As long as Sam has his ball and LuLu had her stick (or ANY stick!), they were happy as clams! I was pretty impressed and how they both worked the camera! LuLu was giving me looks for days! Here are a few favorites of my time together. ENJOY!

Thank you so much for checking out the images! Looking forward to sharing my time with Bella the Bulldog next! Have a great start to your week!

Lauren 🙂

New Dog Photography: Eska, Husky; Valley Forge, PA

Hello and welcome to a weekend edition of Pet Imagery session favorites! I met Eska and her mom at a portion of the Valley Forge Park that backs up right where these two live! Before residing in the area, Eska’s mom lived for a bit in beautiful Alaska! There is a gorgeous waterfalls and trail north of Anchorage and that is exactly what Eska is named after! I would have loved to get Eska in front of any type of waterfalls but we still had a beautiful landscape to work with–plus she would look amazing in ANY space. The sun was out and gave such a nice, diffused light. She was on a leash the whole time but I remember she was happily bouncing around her familiar grounds and really enjoyed the camera time! Eska was such a pro though–she knew the perfect moments to pose! I was impressed! Here are a few highlights from our time together. Enjoy!

Thanks for checking out the images! I’ve got a sweet Goldendoodle duo up next, get excited! Have a great weekend, folks! ~Lauren~ 🙂