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This blog features recent news, Pet Imagery Session favorites, related pet photography tips, and anything else that Lauren feels up to sharing! ENJOY :) 

New Dog Photography: Eska, Husky; Valley Forge, PA

Hello and welcome to a weekend edition of Pet Imagery session favorites! I met Eska and her mom at a portion of the Valley Forge Park that backs up right where these two live! Before residing in the area, Eska’s mom lived for a bit in beautiful Alaska! There is a gorgeous waterfalls and trail north of Anchorage and that is exactly what Eska is named after! I would have loved to get Eska in front of any type of waterfalls but we still had a beautiful landscape to work with–plus she would look amazing in ANY space. The sun was out and gave such a nice, diffused light. She was on a leash the whole time but I remember she was happily bouncing around her familiar grounds and really enjoyed the camera time! Eska was such a pro though–she knew the perfect moments to pose! I was impressed! Here are a few highlights from our time together. Enjoy!

Thanks for checking out the images! I’ve got a sweet Goldendoodle duo up next, get excited! Have a great weekend, folks! ~Lauren~ 🙂

New Dog Photography: Penelope and Kingsley, Australian Shepherds; Mays Landing, NJ

Hello there! Thank you so much for popping over to view my recent session favorites! Today I have the marvelous duo of Penelope and Kingsley! These two Australian Shepherds along with their wonderful parents were a dream team to photograph! At one point, we had the dogs covered deep in a big leaf pile and they still looked amazing! For most of our session, we hung around their gorgeous backyard and they happily posed together in the crisp late Autumn air. We also took a little ride over to this incredible park with all sorts of neat spots to explore! It was just another day of being awesome and beautiful for Kingsley and Penelope! They are such easy going and smart doggies! I really enjoyed our time together. Here are a few highlights, enjoy!

Thank you so much for checking out the images! Back in a few days with a gorgeous Husky to showcase!

New Dog Photography: Sydney, Beagle; Tyler State Park, PA

Hey there and thanks for popping over for a little weekend edition of Pet Imagery session favorites! Today I have the gorgeous Sydney to showcase. Being in front of the camera is now an annual tradition for Sydney and her beautiful mom! They have done a number of sessions together throughout the years. Even though this was my first time meeting these two, I could tell they were both seasoned pros! We met at Tyler State Park, a familiar spot for both of us but we explored some new areas and really enjoyed the mild Autumn day together! I just love how comfortable they both are posing in the sun and it was so nice to see Sydney take in her surroundings with such joy. Her smile is so infectious! I was so happy just staring at her face while editing her gallery! I mean, there are some happy dogs out there but Sydney is truly HAPPY living her best life! These gals have been there for each other for a long time and their bond is beautiful to witness. Here are a few favorites from our time together:

My next showcase: Kingsley and Penelope! Get excited! Have a great day!