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New Dog Photography: Ruby, Gigi and Gizmo; Norristown, PA

Hello and happy Sunday! Hope everyone in the Northeast is enjoying the snowy landscape I’m so excited to show off this beautiful crew! First I got to meet the super stunning Ruby (Pit Bull) and her adorable (and matching!) mom and dad at the Norristown Farm Park. What an awesome place to bring your pooch! So much walking terrain! Ruby had a blast exploring the grounds and posing amongst the Autumn scenery. She was such a natural in front of the camera–you’d think she’d done a hundred photo sessions! So many looks! We were also joined by Gigi and Gizmo (Chihuahuas), who showed up sporting their favorite home team! (Go Birds!) All the pups loved the attention and it was so wonderful to witness the incredible bond everyone shares together.

Enjoy some of my Session Favorites!

I love that little white spot on Ruby’s neck! So random!

**I also wanted to make an important note that I will be out of the country starting Dec 13 through Dec 23rd.** I will be responding to e-mails but probably not in a timely matter. Looking forward to returning and bring you LOTS more pet photos!

Coming up next, I’ve got an adorable duo of kittens, two stunning Great Danes, a sweet senior Chocolate Lab, a very handsome Bulldog, an awesome group of 5 Golden Doodles and a regal senior kitty! Pet Imagery will be back at the end of the month! Have a great couple weeks, folks!

Lauren 🙂


New Cat Photography: Maeby, Georgia and Mr. Miyagi; Woodbury, NJ

Hey, hi and HELLO! Happy Monday, folks! Hope you’re having a nice start to your week! Thank you for joining me for another episode of Pet Imagery Session Favorites! I have a fabulous feline trio to show off today! I was so happy to hear from a past client that she had gotten a new kitty to join her crew! While the session was kinda focused on Maeby (named for uncertainty about keeping her at first, haha!) we did get Mr. Miyagi and Georgia in on the action too! They were surprisingly all about the camera this time around! Georgia was such a shy gal when we first met back in early 2016! I wonder if she remembered me and decided she wanted to strike a pose instead of hiding. Of course, she certainly enjoys being underneath chairs and tables! Maeby, on the other hand, had the unique treat to get outside and breathe in some brisk, fresh air! She looks so awesome in her little harness jacket among the cooler Autumn landscape. I just loved seeing her eyes light up with wonder at all the outdoor sights, smells and sounds!

She was definitely ready for nap time after all the picture taking! I’m also glad Mr. Miyagi got some face time. He was pretty shy our first session, too, so I’m glad he warmed up pretty quickly to the camera! You can visit our previous session here: Hugo, Mr. Miyagi and Georgia.

Enjoy some highlights from our time together! Maeby is the tortoiseshell (dilute) colored, Georgia is calico and Mr. Miyagi is all white:


Thanks for taking the time to view the images! More cats and dogs on the way!

Stay…in the moments and have a great day!

Lauren 🙂


New Dog Photography: Sofia and Duke; Miniature Dachshunds, Oreland, PA

Hello and welcome to another fabulous Pet Imagery Session Favorites! So excited to feature the super adorable Sofia, now a 6-month old Miniature Dachshund (aka “mini Doxie”) and her awesome elder pal, Duke! You may recognize Duke as this was our 4th session together! Sadly, this was our first session without Hamlet, who went to the Rainbow Bridge this past Summer. He is missed terribly by his family but his legacy and spirit will continue to live on. His mom recently welcomed a new addition to her home and Sofia has really adapted well to her new awesome life! She’s as happy as a clam in her surroundings and definitely seems to look up to her elder in Duke. You can tell he’s reached senior status from the increasingly adorable white hairs on his face! During our session, he always had an eye on her, quite the Mr. Protective! Of course, Sofia trotted fearlessly around her backyard without a care in the world! Excited to watch her grow, although I’m not sure she’s going to get much bigger, haha!

Enjoy the highlights!


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