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New Dog Photography: Franklin, Cockapoo; Philadelphia, PA

Hi, Hello and Hey folks! Thanks for visiting another episode of Pet Imagery Session Favorites! Oh and I have quite a stud muffin to share today! Wonderful session in Old City, Philadelphia with Franklin and his newly engaged parents! We had a great time exploring the neighborhood and checking out some historic sites! Franklin lives just a few blocks from some of our nation’s oldest buildings! He seemed at home among his surroundings even though he’s still a pup! Franklin also braved the steep steps up to his roof deck-I’m pretty sure he was petrified of the height- so it was a quick few shots to catch the awesome views! Franklin was happy to get back inside and show off the many ways he likes to nap! He was a sleepy pup! Here are a few from our day together!

Such a fun morning with this crew! Hope you enjoyed the photos! Thanks for stopping by!

Lauren 🙂

New Cat Photography: Charlie and Angel; Philadelphia, PA

Hey hi and HELLO! Thanks for popping over to check out another episode of Pet Imagery Session Favorites! A couple weeks ago, I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing a gorgeous duo of fabulous felines! Angel and Charlie first came into my life after their mom got some difficult news about Charlie’s heart condition. This Persian stunner with a gorgeous all-white coat has had many homes throughout his long life. He was recently rescued as a senior to an amazing woman who welcomed Charlie with open arms and a very caring heart. He was timid at first, but truly understands he lives in a home filled with and love and support.

Charlie was a bit shy when we first got started with our session. He hid in a spot he finds comforting (completely unreachable by camera or human!) so I went to find Angel (Dilute Tortoiseshell), who was ALSO hiding in her favorite hiding spot! Lots of cooing and playing with invisible pets before Angel came to check me out. Once she realized what we were doing (and she explained her ‘good side’ while snuggled in her covered bed), she REALLY hammed it up for me! Soon enough Angel was head-butting my camera lens and rolling over on her back wanting belly rubs! At this point, Charlie wanted in on the action so it was awesome he felt comfortable enough to come out and show off his handsome self!

We ended up having an awesome time despite our initial shy start to things! I love how layered and complex cats’ personalities are. Enjoy some of my favorites from our time together!

Thank you for taking the time to view the kitty photos! Please share with your pet loving friends!

This is a great time to schedule your SPRING SESSION with yours truly! Warmer temps and greener pastures are on the way!

Stay safe in the snow if you’re in the East! Snowy Philly day today!

Lauren 🙂


New Pet Photography: Hunter and Family; Philadelphia, PA

Hey folks! Happy Friday! I’ve got a very special kitty crew to showcase today so thank you for joining me for this Pet Imagery Session Favorites. Today I am featuring the incredible Hunter and his awesome furry pals. Hunter came into my world after his mom received the devastating news that he was battling pancreatic cancer. This dreadful disease put Hunter and his family through some very difficult times. Thankfully we were able to come together at a time when Hunter was still feeling OK! He nibbled on some fresh shrimp, enjoyed some water and even played with my necklace–something he hadn’t done for awhile. It was so wonderful to see his old self return for his day in the spotlight! He has the most unique underbite I’ve ever seen and photographed! I just love his face so much!  He hung in his favorite spots, looked out the window for birds and took a few cat naps! Of course I had to snap a few of Hunter’s housemates: an adorable pooch named Marty and four other gorgeous kitties! Quite a full and loving pet home!

 I think Hunter knew why we were taking photos and he gave it all he could. On the evening of Feb 2nd (less than two weeks after our session), his spirit left his body and Hunter’s presence now lives forever in our thoughts and memories. Rest in Peace sweet Hunter 🙂

Thank you for taking the time to view the images! Please share with your pet loving friends and have an awesome weekend!