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New Session Favorites: Benny and Leo; Conshohocken, PA

Hey, Hi and Hello there! Thank you for joining me for another fabulous episode of Pet Imagery Session Favorites! Photographing babies and doggies (especially senior doggies!) together is always a special moment for me. The bond that forms between a young child and their furry family is an incredible relationship to witness. Leo and Bennie are starting to form that wonderful bond and it was on full display during our session! These two just recently came into my life but I have known their mom since we were little girls! I cannot say enough how rewarding it is for me to see my childhood friends become mothers and fathers. I feel honored to capture these cherished memories. Our session was filled with sunny smiles and giggles in the grass. We just let the every day happen: Bennie posed in her lush backyard while curious Leo showed me his glorious blue eyes. The “Beans” as she is affectionately  known to many, enjoyed her day in the sun but really lit up with joy when she posed with her dad. Those two have been together since Bennie was just a pup and have been through a lot. We also got to hang inside to cool off from the summer heat. Leo surprised us all with his strength and literally pulled himself up into a standing position while I was photographing Bennie! Books were a- flyin’ and I was snapping away! It was such an awesome moment! Gosh, I should stop rambling and on get with the photos already! Enjoy some highlights from my time with this crew!

Pet Imagery by Lauren Kaplan Photography

Looking forward to sharing some fabulous felines next! Enjoy the day!

Lauren 🙂

New Pet Photography: Finn, Marty, Spot and Cookie and Friends; Philadelphia, PA

Hello there and happy weekend!! I’ve been busy editing this monster shoot and I’m so excited to finally share my session favorites with you! This was my second shoot with Marty and Cookie but the star of the show was the family’s new kitty addition, Finn! It’s always an excellent time when I have the opportunity to photograph a young kitten! Finn certainly kept me on my toes but he definitely knew how to work the camera and show off his dreamboat self. He also impressed me with his Spiderman screen climbing skills and his ability to drink out of Marty’s giant dog bowl! Haha! By the end, Finn was pretty tuckered out but still such a playful and sweet soul! I’m so happy we got a gorgeous day to work with! While all the cats seemed inching for the outdoors, we took senior Marty to one of his favorite neighborhood parks. He was just loving the summer sun and the warm breeze on his face. I love how dashing he looked with his vibrant, blue bandana on! I feel like I should stop rambling on and just get to the photos already! So many highlights from our time together. Love this crew!

Next feature: get ready for the most adorable baby and senior pooch duo EVER! Also more gorgeous felines to come! Have a great weekend, folks!

Lauren 🙂

New Dog Photography: Wallace, Scottish Terrier; Newtown, PA

Hello there and Happy Weekend! Thank you for popping over to check out this week’s Pet Imagery Session Favorites! I’m so thrilled to feature the very dashing Wallace(2yr) and his adorable family! We had an awesome time together around their Newtown, PA home and we also took a little ride over to the Tyler State Park– one of Wallace’s favorite spots! He was happy as a clam when we all piled in the car together, probably knew exactly where we were headed! Wallace had a blast exploring the landscape and seemed so content amongst all the weekend activity at the park. He even got to take a little dip in the water and showed off how much he likes standing on just two legs! I think that’s his signature look! I got to meet this awesome family as it was a gift certificate given to Wallace’s parents from their son and his girlfriend. I later found out that the beautiful couple got engaged the day after our session! What an exciting weekend for these guys! One day you’re boyfriend and girlfriend, the next- fiancées! Congrats to the happy couple!

Here are a few of my favorites from our time together! Love his red bow tie!

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to view the images! LOTS more pet photography coming this way! Stay tuned!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Lauren 🙂