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Awesome Weather Event: Waterspout off Coast of Grand Cayman Island, Plane flies around

Pet Imagery was away for the holidays as you’ve probably noticed with the lack of new pet photos! Don’t worry that will change very soon as there are some adorable Siamese cats, gorgeous Golden Retrievers and a Sheltie and Lab duo coming up in the next few weeks! Exciting!

I will be sharing some art I’ve been working on from my trip but I put a little slideshow together of an amazing phenomenon that I’ve never witnessed before. As our cruise was getting ready to depart from the Grand Cayman Island, I went out on the balcony to snap a few shots of the nutty cloudy formations. Right before our eyes, the waterspout formed and created a spectacular island weather event. An airplane had to fly around it and they even moved our boat out of concerns. It all ended with a not-so-average sunset that blazed the sky and will forever burn in my memory.

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