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This blog features recent news, Pet Imagery Session favorites, related pet photography tips, and anything else that Lauren feels up to sharing! ENJOY :) 

New Dog Photography: Summit, Bernese Mountain Dog; Chalfont, PA

Happy Monday! Thanks for popping over to view another episode of Pet Imagery session favorites! Back in early February, I had the most amazing snowy session! That’s right folks, I pulled on my snow pants and got to roll around with 9 week old Summit! Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I get to do these things for a living! Summit and his mom were so much fun to be around and photograph. We explored the snowy landscape and then had lots of snuggly moments indoors. Even with all the excitement of being outdoors, Summit was pretty focused and responsive to me and the camera! I think he just wanted to show his mom what a good boy he was! The best! He’s so big now! I hope we get to work together again when he’s all grown up! Here are a few faves from our time together:

Thanks for checking out Summit! I’ve got more puppies in my next feature! Get excited and have a great week ahead!

Recent Session Faves: Charlie, Baby Eastern Hermann’s Tortoise

Hey, it’s me again! What an absolute TREAT I have to showcase! I just about fell out of my chair when I got the opportunity to photograph a baby turtle! If you know me, I have been obsessed with anything turtle related! It boggles my mind that this is the VERY FIRST one I have EVER photographed! Charlie’s dad really wanted something special for his wife so he gifted her a Pet Imagery session and we met at their place of business for the shoot! Oh and Charlie’s mom had absolutely no idea we were doing the shoot until she removed the blindfold her husband put on her and I said “I’m here to photograph Charlie!” It was a most hilarious scene! We then let Charlie explore their facility and frolic (oh, he frolicked!) all over various objects we laid out for him! He really kept me on my toes and moved around much quicker than I had anticipated! I loved every second! Can you believe this little guy can grow to be 70 years old! I hope we get to do another shoot when he’s all grown up! Here are a few faves from our time together:

Thanks for checking out the images! More awesome moments from recent sessions coming up! I’ve got puppies! Stay tuned!

Recent Session Favorites: Quincy, Sophie and Argo!

Hey Hi and HELLO! I hope you’ve been staying well. I recognize that there are a lot of intense, painful and traumatic things going on in our world but TODAY I will not be addressing any of them! Just showcasing some adorable animals in hopes of spreading some smiles!

First up, I have a couple with their incredibly beautiful dogs who we met at their local tree farm! Sophie (light coat) is Anatolian Great Pyrenees Shepherd! Translation: she’s absolutely stunning. Quincy is a German Shepherd and Argo (all black) is a Dutch Shepherd. This crew was so much fun to photograph and they loved posing together! So rare! Another cool fact about this fam: the couple met when he was pulling her over for a traffic stop! He’s a policeman and she’s a nurse! What a story! They got engaged shortly after our photo session! What a way to start the year off! Love this crew! Enjoy a few faves from our session:

Stay tuned for more session faves coming this way!