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New Dog Photography: Auggie, Philadelphia, Pa

Hey, Hi and HELLO! It’s been a hot minute since my last post so welcome back! I have been crazy busy this Fall season and it’s been so wonderful meeting all the awesome pets and their fabulous owners! Last month I met the dashing Auggie for a gift session in Washington Square park with his two amazing moms! We had a glorious but crisp Autumn morning and got to explore some quiet spots in the park. Initially this day was reserved for Auggie’s parents wedding but the pandemic changed those plans. Even though wedding plans got postponed, we celebrated the occasion with a fantastic session together with their beloved Auggie! Here are a few highlights from our time together!

Thanks for taking the time to view the images! So many sessions coming
this way!

New Dog Photography: Merlin, Mixed Breed, Philadelphia, PA

Hey, Hi and HELLO! Thanks for popping over to view my most recent session favorites! For my session with Merlin, I met him and his fam down near the Navy Yard area of the city. What a cool landscape with lots of interesting spots to explore! Can you believe Merlin just turned 13 yrs? I’m such a sucker for sweet seniors! He was so happy to bask in the sunny rays of sunshine while sitting comfy in the fluffy grass. I loved his energy as we bopped around the grounds and explored some parts of the city I’ve never seen before! Of course, Merlin just wanted to stare at his mom and dad the whole time! haha! Here are a few favorites from our time together:

New Dog Photography: Pounce, Maddie, Rocky and Sammy; Boxer breed; Downingtown, PA

Hey, Hi, HELLO! Thanks for joining me for another Pet Imagery Session Favorites! I have a super boxer crew to feature today! That’s right–a home with FOUR beautiful Boxers! This gorgeous group came into my life after their mom wanted to capture some action shots involving their pool! Dogs swimming, yes please! As we were in the process of scheduling, their one dog, Pounce, was diagnosed with lymphoma and soon would be starting treatment. It was devastating news but his treatment has been going smoothly with no side effects! Pounce (brindle style coat) definitely does not let his illness slow him down one bit! With his safety vest strapped on, he charged in and out of the pool at lightning speed! Then it was off to find his favorite orange ball! Pounce was having the best time! We took turns with his pals, Maddie (all white) and Rocky posing in their stunning grounds and sweet senior Sammy was so precious on her mat. What a fun time with this crew! Here are a few highlights from our time together:

Thanks so much for checking out the images! Lots more doggies coming this way! Stay tuned and have a great day!

Lauren 🙂