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This blog features recent news, Pet Imagery Session favorites, related pet photography tips, and anything else that Lauren feels up to sharing! ENJOY :) 

New Pet Photography: Fiona, Smasha and Truffle; Langhorne, PA

Hey there again! Thanks for popping over to view another episode of Pet Imagery session favorites! What a fun trio to showcase on this dreary Sunday! Hope these cuties bring a smile to your face! I met Fiona (Bernese Mountain Dog) at her home along with her two beautiful feline pals, Smasha and Truffle. We mostly focused on sweet Fiona but you know me and cats–so of course I was going to capture the kitties in all their glory! Truffle was a bit shy at first but after some yummy treats (hence the tongue action, this stunning cat warmed right up! Here are a few faves from our time together!

New Cat Photography: Lovely and Dori, Tonkinese and Siamese Cats; Philadelphia, PA

Me again! Another Pet Imagery session favorites today! What a fun and special shoot I had back in December with this beautiful kitty crew. In all my years of photographing cats, Lovely is the oldest cat to ever be in front of my camera. He turned 20 years old this February! I was so honored to be in his presence, along with his pal, Dori. I’m sad to have to write that Lovely passed on shortly after reaching his amazing milestone. He lived an incredibly long life filled with so much love and affection from his family. I was really impressed with his sweet temperament and energy during our time together. He bopped around his swanky Philly apartment with grace, even hopped on mom’s back for a snap! While we spent a good deal of time with Lovely, as you can see his friend Dori (also a senior and yes is cross-eyed!) enjoyed the camera attention! She sleeps in the most peculiar spot: behind the tv on top of the cable modem! Toasty nap spot! Cats are so silly! Here are a few favorites from our time together. Rest in Peace sweet Lovely. The Loveliest!

Thanks for checking out Lovely and Dori’s Session Favorites! Have an awesome day!

Lauren 🙂

New Dog Photography: Eska, Husky, Valley Forge Park

Hey, Hi and HELLO! Gosh, it’s been awhile since I posted but I’ve been editing away with lots of sessions to showcase! Since I got a little backed up in my work, I’ll be posting a quick series of some recent highlights and getting this Blog up to date! Here is a fun session back with the stunning Eska, who I met near her home last year (click for previous Eska session). We explored the Valley Forge National Park, a park that I keep visiting but have no idea how to get around! Here are a few faves from our time together. I miss those bright Fall colors!

Thanks for your time! Stay tuned for more! Have a great day!

Lauren 🙂