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New Dog Photography: Archer the Whippet; Philadelphia, PA

Hey, Hi and HELLO all across the land! Thank you for checking out my latest Pet Imagery session favorites feature! What a treat I have today! Meet the very handsome Archer who I met this past Fall along with his amazing mom. We spent most of our time exploring the gardens behind the Philadelphia Art Museum with Archer soaking up the limelight! He seemed like a seasoned pro the way he worked the camera and posed like a work of art! Of course, Archer felt most at home snuggled in his mom’s arms! I just loved watching these two interact and witness their magical bond circle them together! Such a special connection! Here are a few highlights from our time together!

Thanks for checking the images! Wishing you a great day! Stay cozy out there!

Lauren 🙂

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New Dog Photography: Hedwig and River, Core Creek Park, PA

Hey hi and HELLO to all across the land! Thank you for joining me for another Pet Imagery session favorites! Today I have the fantastic duo of Hedwig and River to showcase! This was my second session with them and third overall time working with their incredible mom! This time I got to meet G’ma, as my client’s mother joined us for a beautiful day together. I love witnessing different family members having special connections with their beloved pets. I think having her present gave Hedwig a sense of calm and comfort, esp with the park being such a new place to explore. You may remember this duo from my session back in Oct 2019! Despite the new surroundings, these two seemed right at home along the rolling hills and banks of Lake Luxembourg. Core Creek Park is a fantastic place! It was also pretty quiet except for the squawking geese in the water! I’m so happy we were able to take advantage of a beautiful day with the colors of Autumn really coming together against the blue sky. Here are a few favorites from our time:

Thank you so much for your continued support and checking out the photos! That’s right, lots more to come so check this space next week for my latest session spotlight!

New Dog Photography: Charlie and Cooper, Bensalem, PA

Hey hi HELLO! Welcome to another edition of Pet Imagery session favorites! Today I have the sweet senior duo of Charlie and Cooper to feature on the Blog! I photographed these guys back in 2014–along with their very handsome Murphy who sadly has since crossed over. I met the fam at their house in Bensalem where we spent most of the time exploring their amazing backyard! It was s beautiful sunny day and the pups were loving all the camera time! Cooper and Charlie were giving the best smiles and knew when it was time for naps in their favorite sofa spots! Excellent session with this crew! Here are a few favorites:

Thank you for taking time to check out the photos! Wishing you a great week ahead! Stay tuned for more and more session favorites coming soon!