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New Dog Photography: Tucker, Golden Retriever; Cooper River Park, NJ

Hey, hi and HELLO! Hope you’re having a nice week so far! Happy first day of September! Autumn is right around the corner and Pet Imagery couldn’t be more excited about that! Today I have the most delicious Golden Retriever boy to feature! Tucker was pretty much the perfect model, along with his gorgeous mom and dad! I met the crew at Cooper River Park in NJ– a place I had never been before, but definitely hope to come back for more sessions! Lots of neat spots to explore along the river with lovely trees all over and plenty of space to socially distance! Ha! It was a great weather day too-slightly overcast but bright and not too hot, really made Tucker’s coat GLOW! Of course, he looks good in any light! I’m going to stop babbling on and get to the highlights already! I have a ton of favorites!

Thanks for checking out this adorable fam! Lots more sessions coming this way! Next we have an incredibly photogenic French Bulldog named Lola! Get excited!

New Dog Photography: Maddie and Max; Harrisburg, PA

Hello there! Thanks for popping over to view my latest Pet Imagery session favorites! What a fun and special shoot I have to feature today! I first connected with this amazing family over a year ago when they reached out to celebrate their pup’s upcoming birthdays. Life can take some crazy turns! After a big move to Harrisburg and the birth of their first son, we finally had our day together last month- just two weeks after they welcomed baby Leo! I certainly made time to capture little Leo looking his fabulous newborn self, but today’s feature will focus on the pups of course! Maddie (9yrs, tan fur) the Beagle/Dachshund mix showed off her signature pose: the rollie pollie! She was giving me major giggle fits at the park! Love her energy and joyous spirit! It was such a steamy day but that didn’t slow her down one bit! Max(8yrs), the handsome Miniature Dachshund also kept me on my toes as we explored the landscape around their neighborhood. His smile was so infectious! I think he really enjoyed posing for the camera! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that this was my very first session in Harrisburg, our state capital! Maddie and Max’s are just a couple blocks from the Susquhanna River, so of course we checked that out! Since moving in June, I think they are really enjoying their new home! It was such an honor to capture these growing moments for such a wonderful family. Really excited for you guys! Here are a few highlights from our time together:

Thanks so much for checking out the images! Have a great day!

Lauren 🙂

New Dog Photography: Bella, Mixed Breed; Collegeville, PA

Hey, hi and HELLO! Hope everyone is staying cool during these dog days of summer! I think it’s supposed to *feel* like 110 degrees today in the Philadelphia area. I’ll be staying inside, that’s for sure!

Thank you for joining me for my latest Pet Imagery Session Favorites! Bella, the beautiful mixed breed senior, was an absolute delight to photograph with her family. Bella was adopted just 4 years ago when she was 8! Can you imagine this gorgeous gal being dumped off by her “family” at her age? Thankfully, Bella was rescued by two incredible people who have filled her life with so much love and happiness. Even though the aging process has recently affected her mobility, Bella has truly been living her best life. We spent most of our time relaxing in and around their beautiful home in Collegeville, PA. At one point, she showed off her ol’ puppy self during a stellar game of fetch! For a 12 year old big gal, I was really impressed with her energy and stamina during our summer session! It was actually so steamy that the humidity fogged up my lens a few times! She seemed so content and happy in her surroundings, smiling in the sun with her amazing moms! I had a fantastic time with these gals! Here are a few highlights from our time together!

Looking forward to sharing my next session feature! I took a little trip over to Harrisburg for a fun shoot with two pups and a barely 3 week old baby!