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New Dog Photography: Finn, Golden Retriever; Philadelphia, PA

Hey there! Welcome to a Sunday edition of Pet Imagery Session Favorites! I’m so excited to show off this handsome fella today! Meet the amazing Finn! Last year, Finn and his incredible mom made the move from Colorado to Philly to study architecture at UPenn! This summer, between adventures at the beach and beyond, Finn got the devastating diagnosis of a brain tumor. He had just turned 8 years old in July and would soon begin radiation treatments. During all of this, Finn’s family and friends united to gift this very photo session! It was a surprise revealed in a large video group chat! We met on campus with a beautiful Fall day upon us. It’s my pleasure to report that Finn has completed his chemo treatments and is on the road to a full recovery! The news brought tears to my eyes when I heard from Finn’s mom last month. He is truly a special pup that has given so much joy and happiness to literally anyone he comes in contact with! What an absolute treasure and honor to photograph! Here are a few highlights from our time together!

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New Dog Photography: Calvin and Dustin; Media, PA

Hey, Hi HELLO! Thanks for coming over to view my recent Pet Imagery Session Favorites! I’m super excited to share this awesome duo! Meet Calvin (6yr Bichon/Cavalier King Charles) and Dustin (13.5yr Yorkie/Shih-tzu mix) who I had the pleasure of photographing last month! These two cuties were gifted a session by their family, who I have known for many years! Always so awesome to hear from old high school friends! Dustin and Calvin’s moms recently got married so it was a super joyous occasion to celebrate together! Of course, to them it was just another fun filled day of getting TLC and exploring their neighborhood! These two prefer sun bathing on the porch and snuggling in their spots rather than sniffing the grassy landscape! Even though Dustin is approaching 14 years old(!), he really impressed me with his energy! I was told he was a bit of a chatty guy so I was anticipating a noisy entrance when I first arrived. Not one bark from him during our whole time! I was so flattered! Calvin equally seemed really at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. I love his expressions! What a fun time with this crew! Nap time properly commenced after we were done! Hehe! Here are a few favorites from our time together.

Thank you so much for checking out the images! Get excited for lots more session favorites to come! I’ve got a handsome Golden Retriever named Finn next and then a gorgeous duo of a Min Pin and a Pug! Oh and there’s A LOT MORE so stay tuned! Wishing you a safe and happy holiday week!

Lauren 🙂

New Dog Photography: Auggie, Philadelphia, Pa

Hey, Hi and HELLO! It’s been a hot minute since my last post so welcome back! I have been crazy busy this Fall season and it’s been so wonderful meeting all the awesome pets and their fabulous owners! Last month I met the dashing Auggie for a gift session in Washington Square park with his two amazing moms! We had a glorious but crisp Autumn morning and got to explore some quiet spots in the park. Initially this day was reserved for Auggie’s parents wedding but the pandemic changed those plans. Even though wedding plans got postponed, we celebrated the occasion with a fantastic session together with their beloved Auggie! Here are a few highlights from our time together!

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