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Spam n scam now targeting Photographers…

So last night I got the strangest e-mail and I was initially kinda thrilled that somehow someone from England wanted my photo services. Sounds cool, right…NOPE!! Here’s the e-mail:

My name is Joe and my wife’s name is Pamela, we live and work as wine sellers(wholesale/retail) in England and China and will be relocating to the State of Pennsylvania, USA on the 10th of January,2010.
I got your contact information on the internet after a search for a professional photographer. Are you available to offer 4hours of photographic service for the celebration of our 5th wedding anniversary on our arrival to the States. Myself,my wife,my lovely daughter-Debbie and about 12 family members and friends will be present.
Could you please provide answers to these questions if you are interested in this offer
1)Are you available to provide this service on any date between January 15th and 20th? We are flexible,what precise date will be fine for you so as to include this in our plan?
2)What is your address location in Pennsylvania so as to know how close you are to us ?
Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me on my phone no: +447405591742               +447405591742      Regards,
Joe Raes
27 Camberwell Green,
London, SE5 7AN
Of course my mother was so impressed that got this e-mail and didn’t want me to waste another second in responding. I noted how weird it was, especially with the wording and the questions. Her reply, “Well, Lauren! He’s from England! They all talk funny!” Great, mom, thanks. Well, I did write him back but it was mostly questions for his questions. I mean, who wants 4 hours of work for 15 people at an event? After some googling, it’s quite clear that this is a complete SCAM. Apparently the scammers ask for money, which is ridiculous–I don’t want any fellow photographers getting sucked in so I wanted to post this. We are all pretty smart anyway so I doubt they’ve caught many of us photogs 🙂
Have a good day everyone!
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