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Cat Litter Review


So as a lot of people know, I have been on the hunt for a cat litter since, well, since I got my cats. I’ve tried everything and even THOUGHT I had the best kind that worked for me. Let me back up a bit and explain that I used to use the regular clay, scoopable that you can buy in gigantic containers. I just couldn’t deal with the dust anymore and I wanted to try something that was a healthier for my kitties.

You can see I’ve already posted on this topic HERE. Well, sWheat litter didn’t work out. It smelled too much like urine. So then I tried FreshAire ( and I thought things were really looking up! Here’s the description of FreshAire :

FreshAire With Bio-Filters® cat litter is the chemical-free, allergen-free solution both you and your cat will feel better using. This hybrid litter combines organic ingredients including recycled wood with two types of clay – one that’s powerfully absorbent and clean, the other that’s fast-clumping. The result is an advanced bio-friendly litter with terrific odor control – and one that’s 33% lighter than regular clumping litters, so it’s easy to handle.

It really sounds too good ot be true, right? Well, it smelled better than previous litters, I’ll give that to them. Also, no dust issues and my cats adapted just fine. Of course, Olympus, my female cat is such a perfectionist. She literally can be in there for over 10min just tossing litter around, making sure everything’s covered. She even goes in there after my male cat and tidies up after him. It drives me crazy but makes me giggle at the same time. Anyways, the problem with FreshAire is that it doesn’t hold a firm clump. It may absorb the liquid fine but with multiple cats, it eventually breaks up and I’m left sifting gold for way longer than usual.

So after a few more craptastic litter changes, I think I’ve finally found what I’m looking for. It’s Arm and Hammer’s ESSENTIALS Multi Cat litter.

not the greatest pic, but this is it

 There is a slight smell to the actual litter, but I don’t mind it at all. It’s like a fresh scent. Arm and Hammer is known for their odor neutralizing products and I appreciate whatever they made–it’s a better smell than urine or pine or clay. I should note that my cats’ litter box is housed in a wooden cabinet (see HERE) and is in my main room so smell is very important to me (and my guests!) I could detect no odor at all coming from their box, which is great. Also, the clumps are FIRM! There is NO DUST! It’s better than Nature’s Miracle, but sometimes I mix that in too, for no good reason. Anyways, I hope you survived this long post. I just had to tell someone!

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