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Hellooo Autumn!!


In honor of Autumn’s arrival (wow, say that fast 5 times!), I wanted to celebrate by showing off one of my favorite fall pet sessions. Autumn is the best season, afterall! Bring on the crunchy leaves, hot cocoa and pumpkins! Dogs just seem to look more beautiful among a field of colored leaves. See for yourself: meet Zoe and her big brother, Gus–both French Mastiffs! Zoe is full grown now, but only a few months old when this shoot was done. I can’t say enough how sweet, lovable and friendly these guys are! They just put the biggest smile on my face whenever I have the pleasure of seeing them.

How great would it be to capture your pet and all their glory, rolling around in Autumn’s light? Fall sessions are filling up fast! Schedule your session with me before it gets too cold out. The weather has been so nuts, who knows how much longer we’ve got before the snow comes! Have a great day out there! 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to view the photos!


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