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New Dog Photography: River and Hedwig, Long Beach, NY

Hello again! That’s right-two Blog updates in one day! I’m on a roll! I have the glorious duo of River (Schnauzer) and Hedwig (Yorkshire Terrier) to showcase for you this afternoon. While it was my first time meeting these two, their amazing mom was one of Pet Imagery very first clients over 12 years ago! It was so great to work together again and meet her pups. I made the trip up to Long Island with plans for an energetic session on the beach! In memorable fashion, our beach time was cut short as a patrol dude came by and threatened my client with a fine! I was surprised considering we were the only ones on the beach but I guess they have a pretty strict ‘no dogs policy’ even in October! We made the best of the situation and enjoyed the warm Autumn breeze around their block. River really loved being by the water (no surprise with her moniker!) and she was such a natural posing on the rocks. Hedwig took a little bit to warm up to the camera but by the end, he was hamming it up on his patio chair for me! The wind did a number on Hedwig’s hair but he still looks so darn cute! What a memorable time with this crew! Here are a few highlights:

Thank you for taking the time to check out the images! LOTS MORE sessions to shoot and share! Stay tuned and have a great day!