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New Pet Photography: Maggie, Rothgar and Willy Black Labrador Mix

What’s a great thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? Why, look at some pet photography, of course! I thank you for coming to visit Pet Imagery. Hope you stick around to look at some past galleries. Just scroll down to the end of the page and check out my archives  

Last month, I met this wonderful couple and their sweet, dear pets. I always feel such a special connection to black lab mixes because of Norma. They are just some amazing dogs! Maggie and Rothgar are two very happy and friendly dogs, who are such pleasure to hang around with. Maggie had this boundless energy but such a calm, cool demeanor. Rothgar you just want to continuously hug because she is such a sweetheart! They both love their mom and dad so much and boy, did their bond come through in the photos! OH and I cannot forget about Willy! I absolutely love when house cats get outdoor recess! He had a great time roaming around with the gang and while I didn’t get too many pictures (he mostly hid in the bushes!) I was glad he got in on the photo shoot action with everyone else. Have a look at some of my favorites:

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