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New Pet Photography Session: Junior, Sparky and Stella: Labradors!

Hello hello hello! Oh I’m thrilled to share this gallery with you all. Say hey to Sparky, Stella and Junior! They are such a sweet bunch together with their fabulous family! I had a great time getting to know everyone during our session. It’s really wonderful for families with multiple pets to find out how different each pet’s personalities are and to see how well they work together. Stella was the  energetic one, Sparky wanted to be involved in everything and Junior follows the beat of his own drum! Check out some of my faves from our shoot below.

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If you’d like to see the entire gallery, purchase prints and/or other photo products, please visit my proofs page here: Stella, Sparky and Junior’s Gallery Proofs  

Thanks so much for viewing my images! Have a great day!!


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