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New Pet Photography Session: Linus and Lilly, Bull Mastiffs

 Happy Friday to everyone! Oh I’m so thrilled to get this gallery up for you guys to view. These dogs were just so lovable and loyal! I immediately fell head over heels for them (and so did the camera!) It’s so incredible to see the intense bond between pet and owner–which was on full display during my shoot with Linus and Lilly. While the Mastiff breed does present some intimidating physical features(and some gnarly slobber!), they are one of the most sweetest and most friendly dogs I’ve come across! I absolutely ADORE these two! We had so much fun playing around their house and their owner also brought out her STUNNING parrots. What a great team! It was such a pleasure to photograph this group! Here are a few of my favorites and please check out the full Linus and Lilly’s Gallery.


Thank you for taking the time to look at the images! Have a great weekend!

🙂 Lauren

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