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New Pet Photography: Tucky and Cody, Golden Retrievers. Bryn Mawr, PA


Welcome to another edition of Pet Imagery favorites! In my last post, I introduced the gorgeous duo of Tucky and Cody! It was such a pleasure to spend time with these friendly and playful pups. Tucky, the older gal, really warmed my heart with her sweet demeanor. She happily stood by with mom and watched Cody play in the yard with his ball. Cody just loved showing off his gigantic grin and amazingly fluffy tail! They were both so soft from their groomers, I had a hard time taking pictures because I wanted to pet them constantly! This is a typical issue I face all the time! Here are a few goodies from the day’s activities! Enjoy!

 Thanks for taking the time to view the images! Have a nice day! Stay tuned for more photos this week!

Lauren 🙂

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