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New Pet Photography: Willow and Boris, Coonhounds; Philadelphia, PA

Hope everyone has been doing extra snuggling with their pets this week to stay toasty! Yesterday, Pet Imagery braved the brutal air with a fun shoot in the Mt. Airy section of Philly.  Looking forward to sharing those pics of sweet Rosie and her pals, Coco and Charles.

Today I’m here to show of the fabulous duo of Willow and Boris. I’m so happy I had the opportunity to photograph these two and their parents together.  Willow (light tan) has just started chemotherapy to treat her aggressive cancer and her parents, to be perfectly frank, are not sure how much time they have left with her. I guess the real truth of it is that none of us really know how much time we have left with anyone. We’re just here, in this moment, happening now, right?

What better way to enjoy the ‘now’ then then to spend it being happy with your pets? Well, that’s really how my shoot with Willow and Boris went! They had such a great time exploring their neighborhood and posing with each other along the Ben Franklin Parkway. Willow was like a kid in a candy store! She had so much energy and personality! When we got back to their apartment, everyone snuggled together and even their two cats made an appearance (well, mostly just Zoey!) What a loving bunch! It was a fabulous shoot! Have a look at some of my favorites:

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Thanks for checking out all the images! Please SHARE the link and spread the good Pet Imagery word!! Also, stay tuned for pictures of an adorable Pit mix, two gorgeous Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers, a stunning American Bulldog, a fabulous Boston Terrier and her pal Otis, an English Bulldog–oh and MUCH more! Pet Imagery has been busy!

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