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Sneak Peek: Crossing Animal Sanctuary’s 2011 Tail Waggers Strut Event


Hello everyone! Lauren here. I wanted to give a small taste of this recent event, the 2nd Annual Tail Wagger’s Strut from the fabulous pet lovers at Crossings Animal Sanctuary. This wonderful non-profit organization does so much good for the animal community, both in education and finance, but also has serious plans to build the first non-kill shelter in Bucks County, PA. Our pets cannot speak for themselves so it’s great to have organizations like this to provide for animals that need assistance. Please check out their website and donate to their great cause!

So I have been busy BUSY getting these images together for awhile now and I finally have something to show for it! Haha. Enjoy a little tidbit below and stay tuned for a complete gallery coming soon.

adopt a dog tail waggers strut 2011tail waggers strut 2011 1tail waggers strut 2011 2tail waggers strut 2011 greyhound cocker spanialtail waggers strut 2011 3tail waggers strut 2011tail waggers strut 2011tail waggers strut 2011tail waggers strut 2011tail waggers strut 2011   Thanks for taking the time to look! If you have an extra, say, 2min, I’d love for you to {click here}

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