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Cat Litter…choices choices choices…

Hello pet friends and cat owners…

I recently decided to make the big switch from clay scoopable litter to, well, something else. The dust alone was irritating me and I wanted to find something that was less harmful to my kitties. Okay, they aren’t kittens anymore, but I pretty much call every cat a kitty, regardless of age.

So first I tried Worlds Best Cat Litter! The name is quite deceiving! I found it didn’t cover up the smell AT ALL. I mean, even right after I sifted their box, the thing still smelled like urine. I thought I had to go the pine route, which I kinda dreaded because that stuff can really make one’s place smell like pine! My apartment isn’t that big and I wasn’t looking to start living in a forest. Also, my litter box is sorta right there when I walk into my place. OH, speaking of litter boxes. I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND the “Refined Litter Box” (see pic below)

You have to assemble yourself, but it’s so worth it. Inside, the litter box slides out on a tray and there is also a storage drawer above! I love it and the cats adapted to it right away. It also looks like a nice piece of furniture! I have picture frames on the top of mine!

Anyways, back to my original discussion. I found a nice all wheat litter called Swheat Scoop I really really like this stuff. It doesn’t give off an odor, there isn’t really any dust and it clumps very well. I do notice a residue on their paws when they get out but there aren’t any harmful chemicals (like I said, it’s all wheat!) so I don’t feel all queasy when I see them licking it off. I’m going to stick with this for awhile and see how it goes! Check out their website as they’ve got a lot of interesting information to share as well!

Thanks for stopping by!

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