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New Cat Photography: Beinn and Munro, Cheltenham, PA

Hello there! It’s finally beautiful Springtime! I had all these amazing shoots set up for this month but sadly all that will have to wait. As we navigate these very difficult and strange times, let’s aim for positivity and personal growth! On that note, I’d like to introduce two STUNNING black cats: Beinn (pronounced ‘Ben’) and Munro who I met last month before we all got quarantined! Both of their names are references to mountain tops in Scotland, as their mom spent time in the beautiful country. She also has three (!) Scottish Terriers, who were just observers during today’s photo session. Hopefully we’ll meet again in the future for their special day! Our time today was all about the kitties! If you know me, you know I’m a major sucker for black cats! I was in total heaven photographing these two! It may be hard to tell them apart but personality-wise they are really opposites with Beinn (white patch on chest) being the outgoing fella and Munro being a little more apprehensive about the whole camera thing. By the end of it, Munro was the one hamming it up! I just love these two! Here are a few highlights from our time together.

Hope to be back posting sessions as soon as this global pandemic gets the heck out of our lives! Stay home and stay healthy, folks! Thanks for your support!