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New Dog Photography: Eska, Husky; Valley Forge, PA

Hello and welcome to a weekend edition of Pet Imagery session favorites! I met Eska and her mom at a portion of the Valley Forge Park that backs up right where these two live! Before residing in the area, Eska’s mom lived for a bit in beautiful Alaska! There is a gorgeous waterfalls and trail north of Anchorage and that is exactly what Eska is named after! I would have loved to get Eska in front of any type of waterfalls but we still had a beautiful landscape to work with–plus she would look amazing in ANY space. The sun was out and gave such a nice, diffused light. She was on a leash the whole time but I remember she was happily bouncing around her familiar grounds and really enjoyed the camera time! Eska was such a pro though–she knew the perfect moments to pose! I was impressed! Here are a few highlights from our time together. Enjoy!

Thanks for checking out the images! I’ve got a sweet Goldendoodle duo up next, get excited! Have a great weekend, folks! ~Lauren~ 🙂