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New Dog Photography: Penelope and Kingsley, Australian Shepherds; Mays Landing, NJ

Hello there! Thank you so much for popping over to view my recent session favorites! Today I have the marvelous duo of Penelope and Kingsley! These two Australian Shepherds along with their wonderful parents were a dream team to photograph! At one point, we had the dogs covered deep in a big leaf pile and they still looked amazing! For most of our session, we hung around their gorgeous backyard and they happily posed together in the crisp late Autumn air. We also took a little ride over to this incredible park with all sorts of neat spots to explore! It was just another day of being awesome and beautiful for Kingsley and Penelope! They are such easy going and smart doggies! I really enjoyed our time together. Here are a few highlights, enjoy!

Thank you so much for checking out the images! Back in a few days with a gorgeous Husky to showcase!