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New Dog Photography: Sofia and Duke; Miniature Dachshunds, Oreland, PA

Hello and welcome to another fabulous Pet Imagery Session Favorites! So excited to feature the super adorable Sofia, now a 6-month old Miniature Dachshund (aka “mini Doxie”) and her awesome elder pal, Duke! You may recognize Duke as this was our 4th session together! Sadly, this was our first session without Hamlet, who went to the Rainbow Bridge this past Summer. He is missed terribly by his family but his legacy and spirit will continue to live on. His mom recently welcomed a new addition to her home and Sofia has really adapted well to her new awesome life! She’s as happy as a clam in her surroundings and definitely seems to look up to her elder in Duke. You can tell he’s reached senior status from the increasingly adorable white hairs on his face! During our session, he always had an eye on her, quite the Mr. Protective! Of course, Sofia trotted fearlessly around her backyard without a care in the world! Excited to watch her grow, although I’m not sure she’s going to get much bigger, haha!

Enjoy the highlights!


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