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New Dog Photography: Sydney, Beagle; Hoboken, NJ

Hey hi and HAPPY FRIDAY! I hope you had a great week and I appreciate you stopping by for another episode of Pet Imagery session favorites! In late summer, I popped up to Hoboken for a special shoot for a special pup! I had the pleasure of photographing Sydney back in Nov 2019 after she had overcome some major medical obstacles. The following year, the cancer had unfortunately spread and her treatment started to get more intensive and stressful. Even though Sydney’s health begun to deteriorate, her incredible spirit and loving personality continued to shine as beacon of hope and inspiration. Sydney’s mom showered her everyday with all the TLC, care and support that Sydney would need to get her through. These two have supported each other through all the ups and downs in Life. A true, loving companion and friend in every sense of the word. I was so honored to have captured these moments, after everything Sydney had been through in the last few years–she deserved to have one more Hollywood moment in front of the camera! I was so impressed with her energy as she strutted along the Hudson River waterfront with mom by her side. The bond these two have is something so special and that will never ever go away. Sydney crossed the bridge about two weeks after these photos were taken and yesterday (Oct 28) would have been her 9th birthday. May her spirit forever dance in the hearts and minds of everyone she touched! Thinking of you, sweet Sydney!

Thank you for checking out Sydney’s session highlights! Stay tuned for more and more! Pet Imagery has been BUSY!