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New Cat Photography: Bear, Twilight and Wolfie; Phoenixville, PA

Hey, hi and HELLO! Welcome to another episode of Pet Imagery session favorites! I’m thrilled to showcase a very memorable shoot! Of course, every session that I have is memorable but it’s not every day that I get to photograph three beautiful cats in their outdoor (but fenced in) garden! I just LOVE seeing cats explore their outdoor spaces. Each kitty got their own special camera time with me and it was fascinating to observe how different their personalities are! Bear was the first to join in the party and he cracked me up with all his little chirps. He is a really curious fella and I loved how comfortable he felt in my presence. I could have photographed sweet senior Twilight for days with those mesmerizing eyes and gloriously fluffy tail. Twilight (black and white coat) was recently diagnosed with cancer and had just recovered from surgery before our session. She was understandably nervous at first–I’m pretty sure she thought I was the vet as her dr makes house calls! Last we have the very handsome and regal Wolfie (gray) who strutted around his spots and really soaked up the limelight! These three brought me so much joy! Here are a few favorites from our time together:

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