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New Pet Photography: Lucky, Terrier mix mutt!


Say hello to the friendly and energetic, Lucky! This sweet guy is up there in age, but you wouldn’t guess with his playground playin’ and toy fetchin’ skills! We took a short ride over to the park where Lucky frolicked all over the obstacle course and showed off his sliding talents! I was super impressed, considering he still had the energy to play backyard fetch at home over and over again! Of course, once we got inside and he got settled in his spot on the couch, he was definitely ready for a nice afternoon nap! Here are some of my favorites of this handsome lil’ guy! How could you not love those eyebrows?!

Thank you for checking out the photos! If you’d like to see Lucky’s full gallery click {Lucky’s online proofs} 

Also, feel free to leave a comment if you like what you see! I appreciate any feedback that comes my way! Thanks and stay tuned for some fabulous Boxers on the way next!

Lauren 🙂

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