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New Session Favorites: Georgia Grace, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Ridley Creek Park, PA

Hey, Hi and Hello! Thanks for stopping by for an awesome showcase of the super stunning Georgia Grace! I’m so glad I got to meet this sweet, sweet gal and her fabulous mom! These two have been an inseparable pair ever since the summer of 2009, when Georgia was just a little tiny pup and had not a care in the world! These blissful first couple years were short lived–Georgia had started to develop her first string of medical issues at the young age 2. Her chronic illnesses range from arthritis and syringomyelia to hip dysplasia and heart disease. As if all that wasn’t enough, she was recently diagnosed with Diabetes and suffers from various chronic skin conditions. Georgia has been dealt a very tough hand. Despite all the pain and suffering she has endured, she still pushes through and takes each day as a gift. That can also be said of Georgia’s incredible mom, who has dealt with her own set of chronic illnesses for many years now. She has been through so much, physically, financially, but also the mental toll from taking care of Georgia has been extremely stressful and draining. The two find strength in each other and the bond they share is extraordinary. Georgia’s mom has recently found comfort and healing in writing about her life through her personal blog. She posted about her life with Georgia (who just turned 9yrs!) which you can read more about it here:  and a book is being planned for the near future!

Our session filled me with such a wave of inspiration. It was incredible to see Georgia Grace enjoy her surroundings and bop around with such wonderful curiosity. We met at Ridley Creek State Park, an awesome spot for a pet session! There are lots of interesting rustic structures and Spring had just started to burst with color. You would really have no idea that Georgia was the least bit sick as she smiled and strolled along the green landscape with us. It was a hot day so Georgia made sure to drink lots of water during our time together and she also loved posing with mom of course! She didn’t want to leave mom’s side except to get TLC from yours truly! My heart fills joy thinking about how much fun we had together! She was such a natural on camera! Oh and that tongue!! Here are a few favorites from our session…

Thank you for taking the time to view the recent photos! Lots of exciting shoots coming up but there is still time to schedule your pet session with me this Spring! Don’t wait until it’s ungodly hot out!

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Lauren 🙂