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New Session Favorites: Snickers, Guinea Pig; Philadelphia, PA

Hello, hi and welcome to another episode of Pet Imagery session favorites! I am super excited to showcase Snickers, a 4 year old Guinea Pig! Snickers is living the city life together with his incredibly sweet mom in their Philly apartment. These two have such an amazing bond and I’m so glad we were able to capture these memories. Snickers has been a great source of strength and  unconditional love for his loving and caring mom. They have helped each other get through some tough times so it was an honor to photograph their special union. I was over-the-moon giddy to meet these two because in all my years of photographing people’s pets, I have not photographed any Guinea Pigs! It’s shocking, I know! Snickers was such a natural–you’d think he was a professional Guinea Pig model the way he was working the camera! He really enjoyed snuggling with mom and hanging in some of his favorites spots. Snickers was happy as a clam as long as mom was showing him lots of TLC and giving carrot treats! Oh he loves his carrots!  I also was able to snap a photo of Snicker’s fish pal, Midnight, the gorgeous Betta! What a fun session with this crew! Here’s a few highlights from our time together!


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