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New Dog Photography: Kahlua and Guinness, English Bulldogs; Maple Shade, NJ

Its FRIDAY and that means it’s time for Pet Imagery’s Session Favorites! I’ve got a sweet duo to showcase today! Say “hey” to Kahlua and Guinness! These two were celebrating birthdays (1yr and 4yrs) so what better way to mark the occasion than to have a photo session! I have a slight obsession with bulldog...

New Pet Photography: Otis and Harlow, English Bulldog & Boston Terrier; New York, NY

Happy March everyone! 2013 is really moving along! I’ve been so excited to share with you Otis and Harlow’s showcase! What an awesome shoot we had! This was a special secret session as my client was surprising her boyfriend for his birthday. He didn’t find out until his bday print was framed, in his hands!...

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    New Pet Photography: Otis and Harlow, English Bulldog, Boston Terrier; Washington Square Park, NYC

    Yo! Yo! Hey Friends! Hope everyone is having a nice start to their Friday! I just wanted to share a little sneak peek into my NYC session with Otis and Harlow. Otis needed some assistance getting to the park, so he’s riding sweet in his brand new wagon! Looking forward to sharing more next week!...

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    • […] I made the trip up to NYC for the day and we spent most of the time hanging out in Washington Square Park–just a few blocks from Otis and Harlow’s home. However, due to Otis’ unstable hips, he traveled in style in a brand new Radio Flyer wagon! He looked like a movie star rolling down Fifth Ave, especially with people stopping us to take pictures of him! What a funny and fun sight we must have been with Harlow leading the way. After playing at the park, we headed back and captured some snuggly moments together. Harlow showed off a few more bursts of energy but by the end, they were both pretty pooped! Sucessful shoot! Have a look at some of my favorites! Also, please check out their preview post here. […]ReplyCancel