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New Pet Photography: Brittany, Zoë, Duncan and Family

Hey there and welcome to a fresh new Pet Imagery Session Favorites! I’m so excited to show off this awesome family and their beautiful pets! It was also such a treat to see some familiar faces as I photographed Duncan (gray/white Dane) and his parents when they first got engaged!  Almost exactly 5 years to the day, we met at the Scott Arboretum in Swarthmore College and photographed them in their newly engaged glory! Five years later, not too much has changed! However, the married pair have a new Great Dane addition named Zoë (tan colored) , a Bearded Dragon named Drogon AND I got to meet my client’s father along with his beloved senior Chocolate Lab named Brittany! It was definitely a family affair so we focused on getting some great group shots!

Meeting back at the Scott Arboretum was so perfect and Mother Nature gave us a gorgeous day to work with! It was so special to capture the moments between Brittany and her loving parent. She was all smiles and really enjoyed experiencing the park with her family. Last month, Brittany became an angel among us and went to the rainbow bridge. I feel so honored I was able to photograph her and get to know her wonderful self. Her beautiful spirit will always be present with her family and they will continue to cherish and find comfort in her memory.

I think Duncan finally remembered who I was towards the end of the session. He really started to ham it up for the camera! I just love his expressions and how both Duncan and Zoë were so fashionable in their brand new scarves! Everyone was fabulous!

Get excited for my next session…Buddy the senior Bulldog and his loving family!

Have a great day, folks!

Lauren 🙂