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New Session Favorites: Buddy, Bulldog; Swarthmore, PA

Greetings from near and far! Thank you for joining me for another stellar episode of Pet Imagery Session Favorites! I’ve got another handsome senior to show off today! Buddy and his family actually met me at the same park that I had my session with Duncan and Zoe! I’m so glad the day worked out because the weather had prevented us from scheduling earlier in the Fall. I was first approached by Buddy’s family after a recent medical scare that resulted in Buddy having his spleen removed. He had endured a number of procedures and appointments, really testing his physical and mental state. Of course, during our session you would have never guessed Buddy had gone through such a traumatic experience! He bopped around like a bunny and explored the grounds with his loving family. He was truly loving all the TLC and literally seemed to glow whenever someone gave him a hug or warm embrace! I wanted to wrap my arms around him the whole time too! The girls had so much fun with their snuggle bear! I just loved watching their joyful faces!

Enjoy some of the highlights from our time together!

Thank you for taking the time to view the images! Next up is my session with 5, yes FIVE Goldendoodles! Stay tuned!

Have a great day!

Lauren 🙂